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# Released App  # Front-End Engineering  # React-Native

• Work as a Front-End Engineer to develop a mobile app that encourages girls to engage in physically active play using React-Native JS Framework 
• Designed in collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and Duquesne University, Frolic uses an evidence-based approach to help girls realize how fun being active can be!

• Released on AppStore, Google Play

# physical computing  # game development   # product management  # gamification

# experience design   # educational / transformational game

•Work as a designer&developer to implement and maintain 2D&3D assets in the Unity game engine, constructing flexible and scalable UI within Unity

• Removes barriers through STEAM disciplines, which are Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math

# R&D  # Mixed Reality  # Data Processing  # product management 

# AI Recognition  # 2D&3D   # Game Design​

•  Work with Research and Development department to design and prototype real-time interactives and applications for advanced technology within location based entertainment

• Design for Inpark and Outpark social interactions.

• Successfully filed a patent "Interactive Pepper’s Ghost Effect System and Method".

# published work  # game development  #2D&3D  # product management 

# console multiplayer game

•  In conjunction with Visual Concepts, the studio responsible for NBA 2K 

​•  Pioneering and prototyping a new way to enjoy the game of basketball

•  Capturing the essence of the basketball game and re-imagining it in an easily accessible way

# Machine Learning  # Real-Time Application # Exhibition

•  Using machine learning algorithms Pix2Pix for real-time fluid simulation to create fun camera effects

•  Use Pix2Pix GAN to generate video next frame prediction

# project management  # iteration   # wearable technology

# UX # gamification

​• Design extended 3rd party apps' accessible surfaces and features for smart watch.

​• Myriad of iterations on UX, interaction and visual design backed by user testing.

​• Add new features for Bluetooth Connection Settings to improve user experience.

​• Design the next generation AR wearable experiences