AmazFit SmartWatch

Amazfit offers several series of smart watches and bands from daily to outdoor sport use, as well as other smart hardware related to sports and health, including TWS sports earbuds, smart treadmills, smart body composition scales and sports gear. With a complete line of product offerings and outstanding product experience, Amazfit maximizes its ability to satisfy the different needs of different consumer groups.

Key UX Feature List
  • Make phone calls

  • Call

  • Text Messages

  • Quick Response

  • Bluetooth Pairing with Phone​

  • Accessible Interface

  • Open the Phone app on your Amazfit. Tap Keypad, enter the number, then tap the Call button.

  • Open the Phone app on your Amazfit. Tap Keypad, enter the number, then tap the Call button.

  • Scroll to view your text messages. Slide left to delete the message.

  • View your message. Reply with quick response or send through phone.

  • For phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth, activate the phone's Bluetooth, and set the phone to be discoverable.

  • For watch, go to Settings > Network and Connectivity > Bluetooth, activate the Bluetooth, find the phone in the search results, and tap the device name to begin pairing. When the watch requests to pair with your phone, confirm the pairing on both your phone and watch. After pairing is completed, return to the app.

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GRS Watch

Voldga Watch


Other activities of my contribution include:

- ​Design extended third-party apps' accessible surfaces and features for Amazfit, including Spotify, Yelp, Pandora, Myswimpro .

- Iterate on creative solutions to provide instructional support

- Research, analyze and design the next generation gamification wearable experiences

Myriad of iterations on UX, interaction and visual design backed by user testing.

- Add new features for Bluetooth Connection Settings to improve user experience.

- Design gamification elements for Amazfit Mini Program