Due to the NDA agreement I signed with Universal Creative, only partial information could be displayed here.

I successfully filed a patent "Interactive Pepper’s Ghost Effect System and Method" while I worked there. 

Click below to see details of this Patent.

I joined the Universal Creative at the Orlando headquarter from August 2019 till December 2019 for an Advanced Technology Interactives internship.

During the internship, I worked on the advanced technology side of theme park development on some ongoing projects and future attractions.

The activities of my contribution include:

  • Worked with the Research and Development department to design and prototype real-time interactives and applications that combined physical computing device and software network for advanced technology within entertainment;

  • Developed and prototyped interactives with artist's assets on multiple Mixed Reality headsets using Unity;





Hololens 2

Universal Orlando Resort™ Halloween Horror Nights

  • Prototyped AI gaming experiences using recognition machine learning techniques;

  • Create UI guidline for the Universal Orlando Resort™ App

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 5.41.51 PM.png

  • Designed and prototyped UX and UI of mobile and digital gaming products for guest-facing experiences for Super Nintendo World Japan with other designers;


  • Parsed rogue data into formulated JSON files and transferred them into different formats of byte arrays for data processing using Python;

  • Fixed Android build applications bugs;

  • Assisted in presenting interactive physical demo and pitch for future land attractions;

  • Assisted building internal asset tracking system;

  • Assisted handling 200+ guests playtesting for future rides;