In 2018 spring, I participated in an SND HK infographic summit and workshop in Hong Kong. I was drawn to SND because I studied product design during my undergraduate education.

During my undergraduate studies, I realized that putting original data and statistics on the final deliverables was less comprehensible for clients than using diagrams and infographics. Visualizing data provides clear and efficient ways to process and deliver information for my clients and audience. SND helped me strengthen my data visualization skills, as well as my understanding between storytelling and design thinking. I also learned how to use data to raise levels of awareness and lead to positive behavioral changes. By reflecting on my experience at SND HK, I realized that I can use data to design products that fit into human behaviors and improve human lives.  

During the workshop, I joined a journalist and a graphic designer. We were tasked with using visual language to explain visitor experiences of the Edward Youde Aviary. The aviary is a 3000-square-metre aviary built over a natural valley in Hong Kong. The aviary has a raised walkway that allows visitors to walk through the tree canopy, from which they can watch the birds, trees and plants at various elevations and the whole valley from different angles.



Because each bird has its own unique voice, we recorded and prototyped 5 main birds’ sound. The upper sound path represents the sound path of these 5 birds which the color of the sound path match the bird’s color, while the bottom sound path represents the human’s voice.

Through this infographic, we explored the relationship between the pitch of bird calls across species and the length of time a visitor observed and responded to particular birds. Our project produced prototype infographics that the aviary will use to help improve visitor experience.



Developing the draft(under construction)