Hive is a modular exhibition space designed to display high-tech publication, new product release and other interactive exhibition. With this modular space system, you can hold events with the least materials to showcase the largest space.


The honeycomb space is designed to be displayed as a commercial exhibition hall, such as hi tech publication and new product release, so as to deepen its meaning and display the largest space with the least material.  It's a honeycomb like design system. The honeycomb is a well-known and extremely aesthetic structure in the natural world. In order to meet the needs of the development of the times, we need to create the largest space with the least material. The wisdom of the mathematicians of nature is fully interpreted by the experience of the bees. The basic HIVE unit is hexagonal plane. The length of each side is equal. The angle between the two sides is 120 degrees. The basic characteristic is that the structure system is composed of many hexagons, and it can expand to any direction to form a large structural system. The six sides of each hexagon are connected by fixed chutes and hinges. When used, six hinges can be fixed, so that they can be transformed from a solid hexagon into a convenient transport and transportation plane. The installation is convenient, simple, cost saving and less space occupying. The honeycomb space model is intended to show the interior structure of the honeycomb as an exhibition hall.

The hexagonal array of honeycombs is very strong, so it is applied to the wings of the aircraft and the wall of the satellite. The nest outside the honeycomb (called the nest room) is just half staggering with each other, and the point that crosses the hexagonal side is the center of the inner hexagon. This is to improve the strength and prevent the bursting from the bottom of the nest.

Design Process
Final Design