Frolic: Mobile application that aims to increase active play for girls.

Team of 11, including students and staff.

Role: UX Engineer & Designer

Recognition: 1st place in 2019 National Institutes of Health Shape of Health Competition.

Problem Space

  • National Institutes of Health is seeking new ways to get health messages out to girls and women.

  • Despite decades of research, US children are increasingly unhealthy at earlier ages.

  • Video games are a new tool to boost knowledge and skills.

Our goal was to create a more useful and accessible app that brings innovation in health behavior change through interactive video games around prevention for girls and women.

Final Solution

Our final solution is a mobile game primarily designed for girls from ages 7 to 12 and supports family involvement. The concept and design (Phase 2) for the mobile app won first place at National Institutes of Health’s Shape of Health Competition competition. As part of the winning design the app was funded and shipped to the iOS App Store

Concept Video

5 Principles

Minimizing screen time

- Frolic is a hybrid digital-physical play experience.


Overuse of screen-based media is linked to greater obesity and less physical activity.

Ngantcha M, Janssen E, Godeau E, Ehlinger V, Le-Nezet O, Beck F, Spilka S. Revisiting Factors Associated With Screen Time Media Use: A Structural Study Among School-Aged Adolescents. J Phys Act Health. 2018 Jun 1;15(6):448-456. 


Hybrid digital-physical games can support physical activity in players.

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Reduce uncertainty

- Frolic increases player autonomy and supports healthy choices.


Giving children choices about what to play can increase their physical activity.


Choice and autonomy are especially effective for girls, both in activity duration and intensity.

Add reinforcement

- Frolic reinforces physical activity and engagement with the app.


Feedback and reward systems in games shape player behavior.


Incorporate  a range of well-established behavioral strategies for shaping healthy activity.


Include parents

- Frolic fosters family engagement with physical activity.


Family-based interventions can be effective at shaping child behavior.


Parental engagement and child physical activity form a positive feedback loop. 


Peer support helps children stay active, too.

Broaden access

- Frolic helps all girls join in physical play.


Girls can select games that are culturally relevant and age-appropriate.


We can build on existing guidelines for game accessibility and inclusion.


Design Process

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User Flow

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Data Display to parent and child



Data Collection

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App Walkthrough