- Develop new intelligent living room experiences on Mi ecosystem(a large network of smart devices that bring the future to your home) 
Role: UX/UI Designer
Xiaomi Ecosystem & Smart Home 
I participated in Xiaomi Ecosystem user experience team as a UX/UI designer in 2017. I was in charge of designing the app interface for Xiaomi's ecosystem product. I create UX strategy for critical user journeys, from concept to completion. I worked cross-functionally with engineers, program managers and user researchers. Paired with experience designers, I worked on the biggest chunk of the redesign project, the “study launcher” redesign. 
How we work
With smart phone, everything could seamlessly integrated and automated. The smartphone gathers context data about the user (e.g., geolocation, temperature, health conditions, etc.) and interacts seamlessly with various devices using different types of connections such as Bluetooth, near-field communications (NFC), Wi-Fi, etc. All of Xiaomi's ecosystem products — from the robot vacuum to the water and air purifiers and smart lights — connect to the Mi Home app. It serves as the hub for all of Xiaomi's IoT efforts, and it already has 40 million MAUs (monthly active users) — with a majority of users located in China.
It is among the most active investors in local start-ups that the company not only supports financially but also helps them to the position in the market.
Introduction: Xiaomi Ecosystem Product Launch Recap