Many artists have done amazing sound installations or music visualization softwares that focus on the cross-pollination of the senses.  Some try to blur the boundaries of different senses in search of new artistic expressions. Therefore I try to translate the playing of each note into a precise visual form in terms of dimensions, position, and duration.

The Sound frequency sensor module used to break sound down into six frequency bands (B2\F3\C4\G4\D5\A5-the common range of human voices). Then the array data is sent to the decibel sensor and Arduino Leonardo, based on which Arduino controls the rotating of 6 steering gear through analogWrite(pinPWM, DegreeValue) function and drives the ball to some degrees ( the louder the sound is, the greater degrees it rotates ) according to the decibel sensor.


Sub programs

Sound frequency sensor

Decibel sensor

Steering gear

Total Program

Fast Prototype(under construction)