A portable bottle that purifies water with innovative pumping solution.


This is an academic project I took for Product Design II course during my undergraduate study. It started from the recognition of an important human need: to design a water bottle for adventure tourists and travelers that filters and sterilizes water from any source. After studying all the possible purification technologies and structures, I came up with an innovative pumping system that is more efficient than most of the products on the market. By analyzing the one-hand grip ergonomics factors, I worked from high-level concepts to finalizing a workable solution. In the end, I was happy to see that my design solution was highly recognized by MPV MEDICAL GmbH, a company that is exploring water purifying product for China market. 



I interviewed some experienced travelers to see how they fixed water problems during their trip.

Mrs. Liu 

28 years old


Mr. Sui
42 years old
Tour guide

Last year I went to Mount Putuo to climb. Before climbing, I thought a liter of water was enough. But that day the sun was intolerable. Besides, there was no wind, it was super-hot. I began more and more thirsty and became severe dehydration. There is no water sold on the mountain. The leader said a shop sold Ice cola downhill and I am really desirable.
                                                                                                                                                               -- Mrs. Liu

I am a tour guide. I often lead traveling groups around the world and usually use canteens. Some canteens, although very useful,  are too heavy to carry around. When we run out of the water, we can only endure or borrow water. If there is a water purifier, I hope it would be able to do water quality monitoring and then filtering so that I don't need to worry about the quality.
                                                                                                                                                                -- Mr. Sui


Shortcomings:1. Many products rely only on gravity filtration. The filtration speed is slow. 
                           2. It's inconvenient to collect natural water. 
                           3. Single function, Cannot all satisfy all conditions.
Advantages:   1. Consistent with multiple situational uses 

                           2. Easy to carry.




We need a force that converts water from high concentration of pollutants to low concentration using pressure and gravity .


Taking into account the outdoor complex environment,  the pot body size should at least meet the 5,000-digit hand grip of the lady's hands.



compress to purify


increase friction

prevent  losing cap

easy to hold based on the hand shap

half transparent bump


absorb water