Aniloop aims for parents and children to increase love and companionship by building their emotional connection. It provides the ability to communicate through touch allowing for more meaningful and efficient communication.

Project Overview

In 2017 summer, I participated in an academic project sponsored by Happy Elements (a top Asian-based interaction entertainment company which is invested by Tencent) and ArtCenter College of Design. Happy Elements launched a very popular mobile game called "Anipop"  that have millions of users in China. Their mission is to design next-generation products and services based on game themes and future casting. We were asked to think “out of the box” and come up with ideas for future product strategies and categories for Happy Elements. We formed a group on brainstorming and choosing the theme, but each of us needs to come up with our own design solution.


@Happy Element's game theme and character IP

On-boarding & Camaraderie

On the first day, we formed a group of 4 people. Our goal is to establish an understanding of scope of project & responsibilities to Happy Elements.

first impression.jpg
  • Brainstorming “First Impressions” of Happy Elements & products

  • Brainstorming “What if Happy Elements…” for future casting

what if.jpg

During this process, we secure a naive / layman’s impression of clients prior to research, executive impressions, intimacy with product / companyAlso we thought “out of the box” free of any restrictions or limitations to highlight interesting or sensible directions for Happy Elements to pursue.

Product Strategies & Product

Explore potential strategies, categories or philosophies as a theme to product designs

  • Discussion about “doing the RIGHT thing for the client” 

  • Brainstorming “Product Strategies”  

  • Coming up with interesting product strategies, categories, DNA or philosophies for Happy Elements

Image from iOS (1).jpg
Image from iOS.jpg

After our discussion, our team decided to choose the theme"Love and Accompany". We aims for parents and children to increase love and companionship by building their emotional connection. In China, rapid urbanization and growing middle-class population across several developing regions are driving the market further. Moreover, rising consumer awareness regarding parent and children is boosting the sales of these products, thereby augmenting industry growth. Also, young parents have taken a large portion of Anipop game's users.

Product Roadmap

During this process, we understand how roadmaps help companies organize product lines through user segmentation, price point, launch timing and technology. So we create a Happy Elements Product Roadmap based on the Product Strategy Themes we created. In addition, we developed additional Products that fill any gaps in the Product Roadmap.

Developing Products

We created bandwidth of ideas from “now” to “future” and “simple” to “complex” and developed products that fit into Product Strategy.

Key insights after reviewed with Happy Elements

On the half walkarounds, I planned & scripted a verbal presentation for Happy Elements visit and showed them our ideas. After they visited, we developed their key insights based on their comments and advice.


After reviewing with the clients, we found out that the client are interested in the business model most. They are interested in design that makes good business sense because it translates customer needs into the shape and form of the product or service and so enhances profitability. So we decided to design products that combined with service system.

Problem Overview

(Personal work)

Can parent and children's methods of communication both meaningful and efficient?

A certain amount of repetitiveness in the parents and children's communication can be found in the texting and calling of each other; some conversations occur over and over again. When the child want to let their parents know that he or she is missing them, or the parents want to give their children some instructions. With this project, I identified an opportunity to inject a more personal and intimate form of communication combining with voice to replace those black and white texts that they send.



Send one of the six gestures within the Anipop club's character's language between parent and children by compressing your band. It is far more meaningful and interesting than alert sounds and black and white text. I named the product "Aniloop". It permits the sending of one gesture at a time from one band to one or multiple other bands. The six gestures within the language are shown below.

Explore some popular animations and signals

Some animations sample @Anipop club's animations

Good Job!

Don't do that!

I love you.

I am so happy.

I don't know.

I miss you.

Service System

ANILOOP detects levels of communication between parents and children based on distance, voice chatting recognition. It will remind the parents to interact with their children when the communication bar is low. Parents can read stories or play interactive games from the HE package with their children. And the parents can scan the QR code on the content page using their phone to get more support such as background music of the story or hints for the game. According to the score accumulated by scanning the QR code, a coupon of the next HE package subscription will be sent to the family.

User Flow

when parent and children are together


when parent and children are seperate

This storyboard shows a scenario about how the Aniloop works when parent and children are together.


Magazine design and User scenario

​Aniloop‘s magazine​


user scenario