TOOLS:          Illustrator/ Photoshop

TIME:             1 week


ROLE:            Game/UI/UX Designer

PLATFORM:  Phidgets

Test your balance in Teeter Feeder! Work together with a friend to feed monsters as quickly as possible. Hurry! But try not to fall...your high score depends on it. Teeter Feeder is a collaborative two-person game where guests work together to feed monsters. Two guests control one plate by leaning right to left on standing see-saws. Player 1 (in the front) controls the rotation of the plate, while Player 2 (in the back) controls the lateral movement of the plate. Feed the monsters as much as possible in one minute.  But be careful! Only feed the monsters when their mouths' are open.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Interaction/UX Designer, Solo UI Artist

Cardboard Prototype & Test


Final Prop:


UI Design:

interface_画板 1 副本 2.png
interface_画板 1.png
interface_画板 1 副本 3.png
interface_画板 1 副本.png
food emotions-28.png